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Fire Extinguisher SErvices

Sales & Installation
Training Classes

Before you buy any safety product, we will go to you and do an
evaluation of your property. We will then layout, keeping in mind
codes and regulations, where to install your fire extinguishers. We
also design and install paint booth and kitchen fire suppression
systems to keep the most flammable and volatile areas of your
building from catching fire.


We provide annual and semi-annual maintenance for all our clients.
You will never have to call us once you are in our system. We keep
all our customers on a schedule so that your fire and safety
equipment never expires.


We also do safety equipment and fire extinguisher inspections for
establishments with existing equipment already installed. Our people
are highly-trained to identify any malfunctioning components. Having
them checked regularly will keep you prepared for any emergencies.


Fire Training

We provide annual hands on fire extinguisher training for your
employees so they know what to do incase a fire does start.

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